In All My Waiting

O God, Ageless One,

I feel waiting pangs. 

I guess that shouldn’t startle because

we are a waiting people,

sometimes aware, most times not,

even with our Advent intentionality. 

I sit here as one among these many,

marveling at how all their yesterday

preparations shape my anticipations today,

trusting Your loving nurture

through these generations

to awaken me to this moment,

to this prayer, to my waiting,

waiting for You. 

Yes, for the cosmic You

and also the today You,

the ordinary-right-here-right-now You,

the You that bombards my day,

offering companionship and reorientation

 among my simple waiting.

My small ordinary anticipations.

Your lasting and blasting love.

Welcome. Especially in my waiting.


By John Kiemele
Selah Community

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About John Kiemele

John Kiemele is a wellbeing educator and spiritual director who currently companions individuals, teaches various seminars and lifestyle classes, leads contemplative retreats and serves as Program Director at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center.  Focusing on contemplative soul care, John gratefully walks alongside individuals, small groups, classrooms, and congregations.  Recognizing how intentional pausing and listening unlocks life, John strives to engage the whole person – body, mind, soul – in the lifelong process of living well.  John received his Ph.D. in education/spirituality from Talbot School of Theology, with post-doctoral emphases in Spiritual Direction, Mindful Self-Compassion, the Enneagram Spectrum, and Wellness Coaching.