Happy Anniversary Selah!

August 20, 2007-2022

A Message from John Kiemele,
Founder and Director Emeritus

Dear Selah Community,
On this 15th Anniversary of our Selah Center, we want to extend our prayers and blessings for all the gratitude we feel. Thank you for fanning our community flame and for shepherding the movements of our collective hearts. What a deep and abiding gift to share this contemplative journey with you all!

The traditional gift marking a 15th anniversary is crystal. May we all receive the gift of God’s Spirit, clarity and clearness toward fullness of life and that extends such experiences to others.

The contemporary gift for for a 15th anniversary is a clock or other timepiece. May this birthday greeting be received as a reminder from the Creator of Time Eternal to take time for ample pause, reflection and response to the Loving Presence among us and through us as a dispersed community of contemplative companions.

May God’s blessings continue to fill and lead us all. And may we remain in the awe and wonder of life with God.

Our hearts and prayers hold Selah,
John and Marissa Kiemele

About Selah Center

Mary Pandiani,
Executive Director,
Selah Center

Selah is a welcoming community that pauses, encounters the Spirit through contemplative practices, and grows together toward wholeness and loving others. Learn more at SelahCenter.org.

John Kiemele
Founder of Selah Center
Seattle, Washington
Program Director
Rolling Ridge Retreat Center
Andover, Massachusetts

About John Kiemele

John Kiemele is a wellbeing educator and spiritual director who currently companions individuals, teaches various seminars and lifestyle classes, leads contemplative retreats, and also serves as Program Director at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center in North Andover, Massachusetts.  With a focus on contemplative soul care, John gratefully walks alongside individuals, small groups, classrooms and congregations.  Recognizing how intentional pausing and listening unlocks life, John strives to engage the whole person – body, mind, soul – in the lifelong process of living well.  John received his PhD in education/spirituality from Talbot School of Theology, with post-doctoral emphases in Spiritual Direction, Mindful Self-Compassion, the Enneagram Spectrum, and Wellness Coaching.

2 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary Selah!”

  1. John, thank you so much! For those of us who have been a part of Selah since early in its conception, may I express our heartfelt thanks and ask blessings for you and Marissa. We love you and will be forever grateful for your vision and leadership and for Mary P. leading us since our Lord led you East. God bless you always, I know that He will! With love, Jan Larsen

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    1. Thank you for such kindness Jan…your blessings touch us and remind us of your heart-felt presence…something you have shared from the beginning of Selah! God bless you and keep you well.


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