Where Do I See God

God is the generosity of wild flower
Fields dotted with blooms 
Of every imaginable color 
God is the majestic Mt. Adams
A towering presence 
Light glistening off snow capped peaks
Evergreens sheltering His creatures
God is the ocean tide responding to the distant moon
Waves rolling forward, building, cresting again and again
Chilling and tickling my toes with retreating foam
A vehicle for surfers and swimmers, 
A dinner vessel for seagulls
God is in the ruby-throated hummingbird
Feathers shimmering emerald in the sunlight 
Colorful, busy, seeking the nectar of His creations
Resting on the butterfly sculpture, 
Peering in living room window, igniting joy
God is in the cawing black crows,
Squawking, stomping on our skylight
Littering the roof with clam shells
Recent signs that God was 
Here and here and here.
God is the gift of a double beauty rose 
Fuscia tipped white rose scented
With a lingering sweet aroma
Reminding me God beckons
More than one of my senses
Is God  in my Yorkie? 
Looking in my eyes with adoration?
Yes, God’s here, also. 
Although I’m not convinced 
God wants his tummy rubbed
God is the blue sky, the green trees,
The soft brown pine needles littering the forest
God is the hot fudge, warm caramel
Crunchy toasted pecans
Sweet pillows of whipped cream
Inviting me to savor all He offers
God is all the seen and unseen
Calling out from flowers, waves, birds,
Trees, mountains, pets, even desserts.
Through all of creation God invites me
To the joy and awe of being loved.
He draws me closer in each manifestation
Trusting me to sense His Presence
In whatever way I can, 
Day after day.

A Selah Companion
part of the Selah community

a Selah Companion
part of the Selah community

2 thoughts on “Where Do I See God”

  1. Ahhh….the awe, Love, splendor of God, our Creator…expressed so beautifully. The wonder!
    Wonderful expression; thank you Debbie♥️

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