The Invitation

Stepping out of my house,

Turning, locking the door,

Already noticing the warmth of this mid – October day,

And the light cool, almost crisp breeze underneath the warmth of the sun.

Walking to my car,

Focusing on thoughts of the work day ahead,

I notice in my mind’s eye

A young girl, maybe five or six.

Facing me, with straight, almost chin length brown hair, parted in the middle with bangs;

Deep brown eyes, sparkling, alive!

Cheeks rosy, her smile broad, showing large, slightly crooked teeth.

She turns away

Spreading her arms, running this way and that.

She appears to embrace the day with joy and exuberance.

She turns and calls come run with me!

Let’s play!!

I feel her pleasure, excitement, and invitation to this moment.

I smile, then laugh, and say

Go ahead and run, enjoy, and I will follow behind you.

 I see myself, sans briefcase and purse,

Arms stretching out; running this way and that

Following my younger self

Relishing the promise, and playfulness

Of this breathtaking day.

By Kathleen Heppell
a Selah Companion
part of the Selah Community

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