Living into the Grace of Descent

This present moment
Is what I have
Becoming hours, days,
Weeks, months,

To live with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit
The gifts of breath, Presence,
And community.

As abilities change
In body and mind,
 Wisdom gained in this journey
Gives me opportunity to be
With God.

His companionship for the journey
As well as people
He brings into my life.

At the right time,
He will provide what I need:
Always His presence and grace,
Others to come alongside
Even though I don’t know
Who they will be.

There will be challenges,
Discouragement and often grief
In the letting go…

May I choose each day to be
Aware of Your Presence,
Learning new definitions
And examples
Of beauty, courage, and bravery,

Appreciating the multitude of
Gifts and provision
On this descent

To a valley green and lush…
To see my Lord face to face
With His arms wide open
I find shelter in a familiar place.

By Kathleen Heppell
a Selah Companion
part of the Selah Community

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