For What Do I Wait?


Selah Companion

WHILE there is great value in being present in the moments we have, moment by moment, there is also anticipation for what will be. Sometimes that’s with great excitement; other times, it is with trepidation. This season is a time of



WONDERING – for what?

WAITING for the coming of the celebration of the Resurrection Remembrance as the season of Lent is here and ongoing.

WATCHING the light gently fill the morning sky earlier than at the Winter Solstice, I am eager to have longer days when my energy seems to grow and last more minutes than before.

WONDERING what might fill this day or the next, or this year is more often with hope these days with the waiting and watching with others who have shared hope and exhibit this with gracious, holy Chesed. 

WHAT – this interrogative word must change as I ponder what this waiting, watching, and wondering is about.

WHO – It is Who.

WORDS cannot capture this Person, these Persons that hold the universe by breath, in broad, invisible hands with characteristics beyond description.

WHAT do you wait in this season?

WHO fills your soul, heart, strength, and mind with things here, now, and not yet?




Many biblical words such as mercycompassionlovegrace, and faithfulness relate to the Hebrew word chesed (חֶסֶד), but none of these summarize the concept entirely. Chesed is not merely an emotion or feeling but involves action on behalf of someone in need. Chesed describes a love and loyalty that inspires merciful and compassionate behavior toward another person.

Chesed, found some 250 times in the Old Testament, expresses an essential part of God’s character. When God appeared to Moses to give the Law a second time, He described Himself as “abounding in” or “filled with” Chesed, which is translated as “love and faithfulness,” “unfailing love,” “faithful love,” “steadfast love,” and “loyal love,” depending on the Bible version (Exodus 34:6–7). The core idea of this term communicates loyalty or faithfulness within a relationship. Thus, Chesed is closely related to God’s covenant with His people, Israel. Chesed expresses God’s commitment to His people as it relates to love.

Debora Buerk, Editor

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