Hearing the Drumbeat.


John Kiemele
Selah Director Emeritus, Selah Center
Rolling Ridge Retreat Center

Pausing and pondering,

I am captured by Love’s ordinary, pounding presence among us.

Not the overbearing, intrusive kind

(you know, the Apostle Paul’s noisy gongs and clanging cymbals image)

but the gentle, persistent, and inclusive kind that actually does




and moves us toward life.

This rhythmic Love drumming in the background…

everyday… everywhere…in everyone.

This Love echoing “from before the foundation of the world.”

This Love…pervasive…present…plain…pulsating.

Do you hear it…right now…right where you are?

Try this:

Sit still for a moment.  Real still.

Listen for your own pulse.

Your own heartbeat. 

The sound of your life. 

The echoes of Love for you.


John Kiemele is a wellbeing educator and spiritual director who currently companions individuals, teaches various seminars and lifestyle classes, leads contemplative retreats, and also serves as Program Director at Rolling Ridge Retreat Center. With a focus on contemplative soul care, John gratefully walks alongside individuals, small groups, classrooms and congregations. Recognizing how intentional pausing and listening unlocks life, John strives to engage the whole person – body, mind, soul – in the lifelong process of living well. John received his PhD in education/spirituality from Talbot School of Theology, with post-doctoral emphases in Spiritual Direction, Mindful Self-Compassion, the Enneagram Spectrum, and Wellness Coaching.