Collects-style Prayers.


Mary Pandiani
Executive Director
Selah Center

For the Gig Harbor Gathering Hub this month, we looked at what a Collect, a short intentional prayer, looks like for each of us. It’s a simple format of a name for God, the characteristic that describes God for you, an intentional plea, and a closing doxology (a word of praise).

I asked to share some of them with all of you.

Loving God, my everything, my creator….I trust you.  

You provide safety, wisdom, direction, and most of all unconditional love. 

Help my mind to pause, retreat, listen, and always see and be aware of you. 

Teach me to share you and give hope to others.

Help me to grow and give myself grace.

In your name I pray….



A Place for God to Dwell

God of tabernacles and temples –

you dwell with us,

you live in us.

You don’t need a man-made home to to dwell in

but you come and fill the space anyway.

Come dwell in me and fill me –

fill every room and space in my heart.

Come fill the places we prepare for you and others,

that your presence,

your brightness,

your love and

your grace

abide and dwell with us all. 




Abba, Father,

In You there is hope, healing and freedom.

You make all things new.

Incubate, penetrate, illuminate what is true in and through me.

Let Your glory shine.

Praise to our Lord and Savior, the risen Christ Jesus. Amen.


Creator, Sustainer, Lover,
Freedom, Light, Warmth

You know me; help me be known.

Holy in you; holy in imperfection.

Help me step forward toward your Holy ground

And fall fall fall

Onto your wings.

To fly in freedom in this world

Here and now.

To know you, seek you, find you in them.

Be known to them too.


O Jesus,

The one who walks, speaks, listens, holds, carries, heals,

and loves.

Set my heart upon your trusting breast.

I hunger for connection, even when I don’t understand.

Expand my capacity to love and more through

fears, named and unnamed.

May I know the well of joy that springs up,

even in the undercurrent of sadness.

You are the holder of sacred space in the hope of transformation.



Wisdom and Peace

 Spirit of Wisdom, who guides those who trust in You,

show me the way to help my aging beloved one.

Help me to accept his weaknesses with peace and hope.

God, all Love, bring him to know your Eternal Love

and bring peace to both of our hearts

as we journey with You together.


Jan L.




Gathering Hubs facilitate in-person contemplative community for a specified geographical region.

Gathering Hubs cultivate a space to reawaken our deeper presence with God, experience contemplative practices together, share in our experience of life and practice and find support for contemplative living. But also, Gathering Hubs have become a launching point for other special interest groups to form locally, emphasizing deeper listening through contemplation.

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Mary Pandiani

Mary Pandiani, D.Min, serves as Selah’s Executive Director, leading the community and organization through its current transition period into future possibilities. Mary has served in various capacities for Selah, including as a founding board member, seminar/group leader, and co-facilitator for Selah’s extended programs, Living From The Heart and Way of the Heart. Mary is a spiritual director and coach, co-facilitator for a spiritual direction training program, and advisor for doctoral students. Mary received her Doctorate of Ministry at Portland Seminary, and her work focuses on a posture of contemplative living across the seasons of life. Her foundation starts with a love for the God who wants to be known and a desire to help others to pause-notice-listen-respond in ways that lead to a deeper understanding of God’s divine invitation. With the support of her husband Bill, Mary serves Selah while also enjoying her family of 4 adult daughters and their families. Mary lives in Gig Harbor WA where she knows the value of beauty in creation and the gift of community.