Longing To Be Connected.


Mary Pandiani
Executive Director
Selah Center

Holy Week.

Traditions, like rituals, provide scaffolding to enter sacred space intentionally. The Lenten tradition’s power comes from the participation of God’s unfolding story, the one you’ve been invited into. Lent leads us on a journey of reflection and sacrifice that prepares our hearts over six weeks for Easter Week. Through the time of Lent, we can, with intention, open ourselves to the Mystery of God, who comes to us in the form of a human being, coming alongside us in our humanity. Through the sacred scaffolding, deeper awareness hints at the longing to be connected to this God of humanity. 

The apex of the Christian story on earth unveils God’s connection to humanity. During the traditional Passion week, the beginning of the end of Jesus’ time on earth,

  • We witness hospitality (Last Supper), relinquishment (Garden of Gethsemane),
  • Indignity (trial of Jesus),
  • Death (the cross),
  • Mystery and sorrow (waiting in Holy Saturday), and
  • Resurrection (Easter).

Whether you are familiar with these pieces of the Easter story, you probably know that all around us are hospitality, relinquishment, death, mystery, sorrow, and resurrection.

The story of Lent into Easter reminds us that God speaks into the very heart of who we are as humans. As you are invited into God’s story, particularly with the Passion week, may you know that you are not alone in your places of hospitality, relinquishment, death, mystery, sorrow, and resurrection. 

May the journey be filled with growing recognition of God’s presence, not only through this season, but in all of life.


Mary Pandiani

Mary Pandiani, D.Min, serves as Selah’s Executive Director, leading the community and organization through its current transition period into future possibilities. Mary has served in various capacities for Selah, including as a founding board member, seminar/group leader, and co-facilitator for Selah’s extended programs, Living From The Heart and Way of the Heart. Mary is a spiritual director and coach, co-facilitator for a spiritual direction training program, and advisor for doctoral students. Mary received her Doctorate of Ministry at Portland Seminary, and her work focuses on a posture of contemplative living across the seasons of life. Her foundation starts with a love for the God who wants to be known and a desire to help others to pause-notice-listen-respond in ways that lead to a deeper understanding of God’s divine invitation. With the support of her husband Bill, Mary serves Selah while also enjoying her family of 4 adult daughters and their families. Mary lives in Gig Harbor WA where she knows the value of beauty in creation and the gift of community.