Take All My Pieces.

Selah Companion
Selah Board Chair

Lorina was inspired to write this prayer after a Kairos Morning Online about The Lord’s Prayer.
–Debora Buerk, Editor

O God, my God, God of the universe,
I stand in awe of your good and mysterious ways.

My heart desires more and more of you God,

More of you to heal, anchor and expand me,

More of you to breathe goodness through me into our hurting world.

I am limited and so human God,

Beautiful and broken,

Eager and resistant,

Receptive and resentful,

Loving and causing pain.

Take all my pieces,

And wrap your healing love,

And forgiveness around them.

I cannot do this on my own. 

I need you, your tender transforming touch,

Your Spirit doing deep work within me.

May you, and your loving and mysterious ways

Breathe life and wholeness into me and all creation.


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-Debora Buerk, Editor